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Breaking Boundaries: Liam's Journey from Restlessness to Regulation

Breaking Boundaries

Liam is a 6 year old boy who attends our Dynamics International School and attends regular therapy sessions. He has difficulty sitting still in class, frequently bumps into people and furniture around the room. He often walks into a room and “throws” his body around- rolling on the floor and climbing up onto furniture to jump down and “crash.”

Maintaining attention and concentrating in class was a real challenge for Liam. He was overactive, restless and simply could not control his body’s need to move.

Therapy sessions were carefully structured to include weight bearing exercises, obstacle courses and tactile- play activities. Our therapy team and his classroom teacher worked collaboratively to implement a sensory diet, classroom supports and suitable equipment that supported Liam’s attention and regulation in class. He is increasingly becoming independent in class and is now requiring less support. We are especially proud of Liam for requesting for equipment when he feels he needs it, taking more ownership of his sensory regulation. Well done Liam!

Note: The identities of the individuals mentioned in the success story have been altered to maintain confidentiality.