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Programme Structure

In order to provide students across Dynamics International School with experiences that are relevant, interesting and challenging, and to identify opportunities for progression, we have adopted two learning pathways.

  1. Mainstream Education
  2. Special Educational Needs Support

Our students focus on subject, personal and international goals. Students will be exposed to elements of Inquiry Based Learning that encourages independent research skills, facilitated by teachers. Students will be equipped for learning beyond the classroom and appreciate their roles as global citizens.

Mainstream Classes Special Support Classes
International Primary Curriculum (IPC) International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:8 Teacher to Student Ratio 1:4
Focus on:
  • Subject Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • International Goals
  • Structured Learning
  • Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) to be implemented for each student
  • Focus on developmental levels for Maths and Literacy - Marshall Cavendish textbooks
  • TEACCH approach as needed
  • ABA, Speech, Occupational and Learning Support – therapists support classrooms
  • Individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures.
  • Adapted equipment and materials
  • Inquiry Based Learning (teacher facilitates independent research by students)
  • Project Based Work
  • Individualized Accommodations and Modifications for students as needed
  • Guided by Student Performance
  • Inquiry Based Learning (teacher – directed research)
  • Co-Teaching and Parallel teaching
  • Mainstreaming goals as appropriate
  • Individualized Accommodations and Modifications for students
  • Individualised Behaviour Plans
  • Structured Learning
  • Outdoor Learning sessions every week
  • Co-Curricular Activities