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Head of School Message

I am pleased to welcome you to Dynamics International School (DIS) an intimate, inclusive, international school focused on the individual learning needs of children aged 5 to 12 years old. We understand that children learn differently at times. To meet the needs of our unique students, we welcome learners in smaller classes with low student to teacher ratios. At DIS, learning differences are not obstacles but opportunities to teach students differently and grow together. Our teachers are trained in Special Education and work within a Transdisciplinary team of Occupational, Speech, Educational, Behavioural and Psychological Therapists to provide an environment for all children at Dynamics to meet their full potential.

Our Transdisciplinary approach informs our teaching as well as our curriculum. Different therapeutic disciplines join teachers in the classroom each day. These therapists offer their specialised strategies to co-teach specific skills, whether academic: mathematics, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking or research, for example, or life skills such as communication, gross and fine motor skills, self regulation and emotional awareness. Our curriculum, Cambridge and the International Primary Curriculum, uses a similar approach, exposing students to thematic topics through multiple subject areas to ensure students understand and participate in order to thrive in their learning.

In addition to these Academic Pathways, all students will receive a minimum of four hours a week of specialised group therapy sessions from the same Transdisciplinary team. Dynamics International School believes that our strength is in our collaboration and we use it to instil academic and life skills as well as confidence and a love of learning in all our students.

I invite you to learn more about our school. I would be honoured to give your family a tour of our facilities and learn more about how we can help your children in their academic and personal journey.

Lia Testa Teismann

Lia Testa Teismann

Head of School
“Vitae Discimus – Learn For Life”