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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum at Dynamics International School

Empowering Through Education - Cambridge Curriculum for Math and English


The International Curriculum, created by teachers for learners aged 2-14 in over 1,000 schools across 90+ countries, is supported by the International Curriculum Association (ICA). The ICA offers Accreditation and Professional Development services benefiting over 15,000 global educators and leaders.

We proudly implement the Cambridge Curriculum for our Math and English programs, renowned for its rigor and dedication to fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Cambridge Math

Our Cambridge Math curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation in mathematical principles while encouraging a love for numbers. Students engage with concepts that are crucial for everyday life and advanced problem-solving, ensuring they are well-prepared for future academic endeavors and practical challenges.

Cambridge English

The Cambridge English program at DIS enhances reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Our approach not only focuses on language mechanics but also on using English in real-world contexts. This prepares students not just for exams, but for global communication and understanding.

Special Needs Adaptations

We believe in inclusivity and the right of every child to access quality education tailored to their needs. For our students with special needs, we modify the Cambridge Curriculum to accommodate individual learning styles and requirements. These modifications may include:

  • Individualized Instruction Plans: Tailored learning objectives that align with student capabilities and goals.
  • Assistive Technologies: Utilizing tools and software that support learning, such as speech-to-text programs or visual aids.
  • Alternative Assessment Methods: Adapting how students demonstrate their understanding to ensure they are assessed fairly and accurately.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Small class sizes and personalized support to help each student thrive.
Global Recognition and Transferability

The Cambridge Curriculum is not only renowned for its academic rigor but is also celebrated for its global acceptance. As an internationally benchmarked program, it provides a clear, consistent framework that is recognized by schools and universities around the world. This global recognition ensures that students from Dynamics International School can seamlessly transition to other educational systems or pursue higher education abroad with confidence. Their academic achievements within the Cambridge framework are well-understood and valued globally, facilitating smooth educational transitions and providing broad opportunities for future academic and career pursuits.

Join us at Dynamics International School, where we prepare your children to take on the world with confidence and competence, equipped with a solid educational foundation and a profound understanding of their own unique abilities.

International Primary Curriculum
  • IPC

    Developed from international, evidence-based research, the IPC fosters holistic development for 5-11-year-olds. It provides enjoyable, relevant, and rigorous learning experiences, preparing students to be globally competent, socially conscious, and motivated contributors.

    The IPC framework includes comprehensive materials and a defined pedagogy for learners, teachers, and leaders. Professional development and support services from the ICA enhance this curriculum.

Why the IPC?

In the Dynamics classroom, the IPC features thematic units connecting learning across subjects, outlined in two mileposts (1 & 2). This curriculum clearly defines learning goals in three areas:

  1. Subject Learning Goals:
    • Art, Geography, ICT and Computing, Music, PE, Science, History, Health and Well-being, and Design, Technology, and Innovation.
    • Goals are developed through international curricula and quality assurance involving global schools.
    • Maths and Language Arts connections encourage application of learning.
  2. Personal Learning Goals:
    • Adaptability, Collaboration, Communication, Empathy, Ethical behavior, Resilience, Respectfulness, Critical Thinking.
    • Essential characteristics for globally-oriented students to thrive in current and future challenges.
  3. International Learning Goals:
    • Develops globally competent learners interested in acting on local and global issues.
    • Promotes engagement with various perspectives, countries, and cultures.

All learning activities aim to help students achieve these goals through reading, researching, writing, illustrating, and collaborative work. Assessment involves specific activities, explanation of thinking, and sometimes the use of digital technology as a learning tool.