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Fee Protection  Scheme

In compliance with CPE regulations and as a measure to protect the financial interests of both local and international students in the event that DIS is unable to continue operations due to insolvency and/or regulatory closure, DIS has implemented a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).

This scheme additionally ensures student protection if DIS neglects to fulfill financial obligations, such as penalty payments or the return of fees, as mandated by judgments from Singapore courts. Lonpac Insurance Bhd, an FPS provider sanctioned by CPE, has been designated by DIS to oversee this scheme.

Safeguarding Student Interests:

To ensure the well-being of our students, DIS will secure FPS insurance within 7 working days from when the course fees are processed. The insurance coverage will be effective from the date of payment of course fees until the completion of the course. Students will receive the Certificate of Insurance (COI) via email, dispatched by Lonpac Insurance Bhd, to the email address provided during the transaction.

For details on FPS insurance, refer to Committee for Private Education and Lonpac Insurance Bhd