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School Facilities

The school is conveniently located in Orchard Road, Singapore's vibrant shopping district. One of its notable features is the provision of small class sizes, with only 3 to 12 students per class, ensuring an intimate and personalized learning experience tailored to the subject and individual needs of each student.

The school offers a range of well-maintained facilities and services that support students' development, including:
  • Indoor Therapy Gym:
    A designated space equipped for therapeutic activities and exercises.
  • Educational Therapy Offices and Services:
    Dedicated offices where educational therapists provide specialized support and guidance.
  • Occupational Therapist Offices and Services:
    Dedicated spaces where occupational therapists offer assistance and expertise.
  • Speech and Language Therapist Offices and Services:
    Areas where skilled therapists provide targeted help and support.
  • Indoor Play Areas:
    Designed for recreational activities, lessons, and Physical Education, promoting a balanced learning experience.
  • Interactive Whiteboards:
    Modern teaching tools that enhance classroom interactions and visual learning.
  • Dedicated Computer Room:
    Equipped with school-provided computers, offering access to technology for educational purposes.
  • Mainstream Classroom:
    A regular classroom setting, ensuring a comprehensive academic environment.
  • Green Space for Outdoor Play:
    A designated area where children can enjoy outdoor activities and engage with nature.
School Indoor
Social Skills Activities
Group Activities
Computer room
Student's Workout
Trail Activities
Teacher's on-hand teaching
Indoor Playground
Student Teaming Up
Student Presenting
Activities for Each Students
Fun Run
Classroom Activities
Teacher and Student
Classroom 3 #13-03
Outdoor Greenery
Outdoor Playground
Outdoor Playground
Outdoor Playground
Outdoor Playground

These carefully designed facilities and services, combined with the small class sizes of 3 to 12 students, create a supportive learning environment that fosters holistic development and provides students with valuable resources for their educational journey.