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FAQ for Dynamics International School

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1. Why choose Dynamics International School?

The uniqueness of Dynamics International School is reflected through its inclusivity and diversity of students and staff. Dynamics International School is an inclusive school that supports the integration of typically developing students and of those with special educational needs. We have a mainstream and special needs division to cater to the varying learning profiles of students. We are a leading international school located on Orchard Road. We support learning by creating positive experiences for students to achieve significant academic gains and increased self-confidence.

At Dynamics International School, we believe in creating a holistic learning environment with an approach for life-long learning for we believe that everyone can learn and deserves to be taught in a way that they can learn best. Education crosses boundaries, and learners in Dynamics International School are groomed to be global citizens of the world. We also have a strong team of trained and dedicated teachers, who put in a tremendous amount of effort in supporting our students in all of their successes. Our teachers will work closely with the students to facilitate learning, beyond the classroom. We have implemented the British National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum in the most effective way of ensuring that our curriculum framework is truly inclusive and accessible to children and young people with exceptionally diverse needs.

Our teachers and academic team are involved in planning and organizing the curriculum, so that all students take part in activities that are meaningful for them and address learning objectives that are relevant and challenging for them. Dynamics International School’s motto is “Vitae Discimus”, which means learn for life. At Dynamics students don’t just learn for academic reasons, they learn for life.

2. What kind of extra-curricular activities are available at Dynamics International School?

Co-curricular activities have been widely known to complement students’ learning at school. Dynamics International School offers a wide range of Co-Curricular activities for our students. These include Music lessons, Lego, Language Arts as well as Soccer. As a school that focuses on the development of a child, DIS believes in the importance of supporting children with extra-curricular activities that in turn support the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of every student. With children integrating with one another, this fosters lasting friendships and helps develop relationship skills. It also provides students with opportunities to be active in their communities and to take their learning beyond the classroom. This helps them do better academically and be prepared for the next stage of their lives. At Dynamics International School, we strongly believe that co-curricular activities are significant to a student’s holistic development.

3. How do I apply to Dynamics International School?

The admissions criteria and process for Dynamics International School has been designed to facilitate understanding by our team based on student’s current and potential abilities as well as their needs. General information, outlining the entrance requirements according to the specific grades can be found on our website. Upon confirmation that the student meets the admission criteria, parents will go through a 3-step process to complete the admission process.

Firstly, parents would need to set up an interview and school tour with the Head of School. It is essential that parents send us copies of their child’s reports and documents. They will also be required to complete a child history questionnaire, required by the school. Following this, the head of school will follow up with parents within 2 working days. Should the student require a trial to assess his level in a classroom, the school will arrange for that. It is also essential that the students undergo an internal assessment or provide the school with recent academic reports that demonstrates adequate performance. Upon confirmation of the trial with the head of school, the educational psychologists will need to complete a screening assessment prior to the commencement of the trial.

The trials at Dynamics International School are planned for two consecutive days between 9am to 12pm each day. At the end of this process, a formal meeting will be organized with parents to discuss observations and decision. Following this meeting, parents can then register and enroll the child into the school.

4. What makes you stand out from other schools?

Dynamics International School is a unique private school. Being here provides students with multiple learning opportunities and is a reflection of various positive experiences. As a small school our uniqueness is creating a nurturing environment that your child can accelerate their learning and develop all-rounded individuals. Firstly, Dynamics International School utilizes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and British National Curriculum that is comprehensive and holistic. This provides every student with a universal learning experience. In addition, our small class sizes allow more individualized support for students, including social and emotional support given the teacher to student ratio of 1:6. This also develops greater student –teacher rapport. This also allows students and their families to feel like their part of a community.

Next, Dynamics International School provides students with additional support. We provide easy accessibility to additional services with our team of experts (Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, and Educational therapists). This may be done via pull out sessions or via in-class support. The level of support a student requires will be determined through our differentiated tiers system available for our students. Lastly, Dynamics International School also has an affordable fee structure that provides parents with flexibility of payments. As a small school our uniqueness is creating a nurturing environment so that your child can accelerate their learning and develop into all-rounded individuals.

5. What are your health and safety protocols for children and teachers alike?

Dynamics International School follows strict health and safety guidelines to protect our students and teachers. Sanitizers are placed in all our classrooms, and in various parts of the school. Our school is cleaned and disinfected daily before and after school to ensure a safe and clean environment. This includes wiping the surfaces of student tables and chairs.