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Nino Mark Leswe Gala

Nino Mark Leswe Gala

Master of Education in Inclusive and Special Education

Name of Institution:
Monash University, Australia

Mark is a Special education and licensed professional teacher, a board-certified cognitive and telepractice specialist, and an advanced certified Autism specialist. He also has a Master of Education in Inclusive and Special Education and demonstrates meaningful teaching to functionally engage, socially enthuse, and positively educate varied learners, especially those with special needs and diverse backgrounds.

Mark has 11 years of extensive teaching experience both on a small scale and with a large group of students at various academic levels across diversified learning environments such as the general, special, and inclusive settings ranging from a private international preschool to a public SPED senior school in Singapore. Mark has taught diverse groups of students with ADD/ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mild Intellectual Disabilities, Speech Impairments, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and maintained optimistic relations with students, parents, teachers, school leaders, specialists, and academic administrators whilst exhibiting functional planning, good organizational abilities, creative skills, and collaborative leadership qualities anchored on respectable values, and professional competence.

With a compassionate heart for every student and a passion for excellent teaching, Mark is driven to share his knowledge, skills, and professional pieces of training to hone the potential of every student, to succeed, become part of, and live meaningfully in an embracing society.