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Ng Cher Khee

Ng Cher Khee

MA in Special Educational Needs

Name of Institution:
University of South Wales, United Kingdom

Cher Khee completed her Masters in Special Educational Needs from University of South Wales and has been supporting children 4 to13 years old from different backgrounds. She has worked with children with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental delays. She is also experienced in supporting high-ability learners, particularly those who appear to face difficulties in their learning environments despite their strong ability to learn.

Prior to joining the Dynamics family, Cher Khee worked as an Educational Therapist in private practice. She has worked with children in mainstream and international schools, as well as those whom have adopted alternative learning pedagogies. Understanding that physical, emotional and psychological well-being play an important part in a child’s learning, Cher Khee recognizes the importance of collaborating with families and other professionals in a child’s learning environment and actively engages them to maximise support for the child’s development.

Cher Khee firmly believes that all children start out with an innate instinct to explore, discover and learn and aims to preserve this thirst for learning as they grow. With a unique portfolio of skills from her multi-faceted career, Cher Khee aims to consistently create opportunities for children to challenge themselves, take risks and never forgets to celebrate every little difficulty they overcome. In her spare time, Cher Khee also actively participates in non-profit community projects that celebrate diversity in the community.